Selenium WebDriver Eclipse Java Tutorial

Johannesburg: 17 September, 08:00am to 18 September, 05:00pm

This 2-day tutorial will provide basic knowledge and hands-on experience required to work with Selenium Web driver as an automated functional testing tool. The tutorial will cover TestNG and JUnit usage with Selenium, developing scripts with Selenium WebDriver and Java, enhancing the scripts; and understanding of how different frameworks work. Data-driven testing will also be covered briefly to give delegates a kickstart who are new to automation.

Tutorial Requirements: Bring your own laptop with Eclipse Installed preferably with Microsoft Windows

Learning Objectives

  • Selenium Environment configuration using Eclipse
  • Locate elements using various locating techniques
  • Building a new Test Framework by using WebDriver, TestNG and JUnit
  • Understand scripts maintenance using page object model and page factory
  • Execute a project from scratch by building automation framework and automating a few test scenarios
  • Understand Data-driven testing