Whatever Users Want

Johannesburg: 19 September, 11:20am
Cape Town: 20 September 11:20am

When developing software products or services, we all tend to believe that we know who our users are and how they will use those in real life.
We rely on predefined components, coding standard, and routines and we truly think that will do the trick.
Now what happens when users are not exactly who or what we thought they were? What if our models and concepts are wrong or ill-designed? What if they suddenly decide to use our products and services in environments and conditions we never thought of?

In this talk, I’ll go through major trends and guidelines of our software applications and how they relate to users.
I will also discuss traps and pitfalls in modern software testing, explore some consequences of new business concepts and modern society paradoxes we need to integrate and how they relate to the future of our profession.

If you think that usability is useless, that software testing is not funny and that users do not matter, be prepared for a serious shock!

Keywords: users, usability, Ux, user experience, complexity, in-use, heuristics
Target audience: all
Kind of talk: eye-opener with a twist of humor

What’s in it for you: Discover the power of usability heuristics, user experience and in-use context