Olivier Denoo

Olivier Denoo

Presentation Topic: Testing is magic!                                                      11:20 – 12:05 18 October 2017

Tutorial Topic Day 1: Desperately Seeking Users                                   08:00 – 16:15 16 October 2017

Tutorial Topic Day 2: What’s wrong with my metrics                            08:00 – 16:15 17 October 2017

  • Abracadabra! How can we be fooled so easily by pickpockets and illusionists? What does it say about us and how does it relate to testing? From some big magic tricks explained, the audience will learn much about some of our perceptive and cognitive biases, how they affect our life, our performances and our way of working. Come join our 40 minutes trip deep in neurosciences, magic and testing. You will not leave the same…you might not test the same anymore.

  • In a fast changing world with a population ageing and a global mass market more and more dominated by IT, non-functional requirements and in particular usability become of paramount importance. When IT is made by IT-ers for non-IT-ers, user-centric design, ease of use or in-use concepts become central stakes. In this tutorial, the audience will understand, from a very pragmatic and practical point of view what usability is all about, how one can approach it and understand its key notions. They will learn major techniques, have the opportunity to confront their views and even practice a bit. They will also understand why usability is (and will become even more) a key business differentiator and a must (before it is too late and that your users massively leave you for a more attractive and usable alternative). All of this with a serious twist of humour not too much nonsense and no headache (promised, or the pain killers are on me).

  • Since the beginning of ages, people always liked to measure, size, weigh and compare. It’s a fact. Technology didn’t help and even increased the measurement mania to such an extent that it sometimes becomes compulsive.
    As QA or QC people, as Managers, we do not subtract from the trend, but are our metrics that effective and efficient? What sort of metrics do we use and what for? Don’t we lose the track and confuse goals and means? Do we measure or do we play games and politics? In this tutorial, the audience will learn and understand what QA / QC metrics are for; how to develop and deploy an effective and efficient framework or dashboard; but also how metrics can be used, misused and abused…all of this with real examples, direct from the trenches and with the necessary distance and twisted mind. Be my guest and come get some…

  • Olivier is the VP of ps_testware SAS, the French subsidiary of ps_testware group. His role is to develop business, recruit the local expert team, build sustainable partnerships, promote software testing and ps_testware.
    He is also involved in auditing test projects and organizations and provides high-level consultancy and support.
    Olivier is the President of the CFTL – the French ISTQB Board and also currently is the Governance Officer of the ISTQB.
    For 20 years he is an international speaker who spoke at Test-IT Africa; SQA-days; BA-days; JFIE; TestWarez; SEETEST; STF; Iqnite; JFTL; JMTL; JTTL; Analyst-days; Quality Week; Eurostar; Dasia…
    He’s also actively participating in the development of new certification schemes, like IQBBA (Business Analysis), IREB-ReQB (requirements engineering) or IBUQ (usability).