Mike Snyman

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Presentation Topic: ISTQB the way forward                                                     11:20 – 12:05 18 October 2017


  • SASTQB, staying relevant in a fast changing world.

    The skills required to stay relevant in the ITC industry are continually evolving, and testing has not escaped this trend.  New ways of developing and testing software are introduced at an alarming pace, making it difficult to make sense of all the information available.

    In staying true to our vision of “providing skills development and certification for workers at all levels of ICT, by linking future technology trends with on-going certification”, the SASTQB is constantly introducing new certification to the South African market.

    Join Mike Snyman, vice president of the SASTQB, for all that is new in the SASTQB product portfolio.

    These new products constitute a considerable evolution in the ISTQB/SASTQB go-to-market strategy and are based on several market studies, as well as the outcomes of the ISTQB effectiveness survey.

    The main goals of the new ISTQB product portfolio are to:

    • maintain the vision and mission of the ISTQB, as well as the high quality of deliverables that has marked the success of the scheme world-wide;
    • maintain the focus on software testing;
    • maintain the validity of certifications already obtained;
    • extend the coverage of the ISTQB certification to additional specific topics;
    • make the scheme more modular;
    • make it easier for the professionals to obtain the specific certifications they are interested in; and
    • provide an overall framework into which existing as well as future modules will fit in a coherent way.

    Mike will introduce the new ISTQB Product Portfolio and its content, including:

    • Levels, which identify progressively increasing learning objectives:
      • Foundation
      • Advanced
      • Expert
    • Streams, which identify clusters of certification modules, including:
      • Core
      • Agile
      • Specialist

    Mike will include information relating to the latest certifications available via the SASTQB, which includes Agile tester extension, Advanced security tester and Expert test management.

  • Mike is a founding member of the SASTQB (South African Software Testing Qualifications board) and pass president and secretary of the Special interest group in software testing of the Computer society of South Africa, Gauteng chapter.  

    Mike has over 20 years of experience which include technical and managerial positions in large test teams, Test process definitions and implementation, and test automation. 

    Mike’s focus is on software testing in large financial institutions and his involvement in most areas of software testing allows for a detailed understanding of contemporary testing issues and challenges. Mike has been a track speaker at various testing conferences in South Africa, Australia and Europe