Better Safe Than Sorry – Looking at Testing in the SAFE Framework

Johannesburg: 19 September, 13:00pm
Cape Town: 20 September 13:00pm

Business agility is key as disruption of sectors and industries becomes the new normal. Earlier IT was a means to faster and cheaper production of products and services. Today IT is an integrated part of most products and services. Therefore, becoming agile at scale is vital but at the same time very challenging for most large organisations. Scaled Agile Frameworkâ is one of the most popular frameworks used by enterprises to become more agile not just on team level but on all levels. SAFeâ as a framework describes many good practices to build-in quality, but when it comes to the actual implementation in large organisations there is a need for better guidance for people in test departments who work like testers, test analysts, test coordinators, test managers to name a few. Before we let others decide how the future of testing will be let’s disrupt it ourselves. In this talk Mette will share some of her experiences implementing SAFeâ and the new diversity we already face in our testing profession.