A Tester’s Brain Profile : Dare to Rebuild and Enhance

Johannesburg: 19 September, 13:50pm
Cape Town: 20 September, 13:50pm

With today’s fast-changing technology, the IT project team need to keep track with all the changes as well as serious time constraints, different communication channels to various stakeholders, and sometimes a very stressful environment.  These problems are stressors that can lead to unproductive results, miscommunication, conflict, poor memory and sometimes symptoms of burn- out.  Then there are other aspects of stressors that you need to address, for example: How will the project team address the possibility that with all the effort testers put in to ensure a high-quality product, they might still feel unappreciated, and that their effort is not recognised? The question is…do we work with IT products or with people? Who’s to blame when mistakes are made?  Emilise will explain to us how to overcome these challenges and stressors, with behavioral tools, that will enable us to create a more effective and productive work environment to ensure a quality product. This topic is applicable to each member of an IT project which includes project managers, test managers, product owners, scrum masters, developers, business analysts, and testers.